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We're stronger when we work together

We’ve successfully grown VeryPC’s business by delivering fully customisable products, top-notch personal touch service and by always putting the customer first. We see it this way: the key to long term business success ultimately depends on the strong, trusting relationships we have with customers. We believe that putting the customer’s needs first, even if that means taking a short-term hit on profit, is the only way to build this long-lasting trust.

In order to grow our brand, cater for new markets and increase the number of relationships we have, we must collaborate and embrace partnership with right fit organisations.

In exchange for partnership and access to new relationships, we enable our partners to resell our successful products and deliver the value that comes with the VeryPC brand. We believe that by collaborating with partners our collective sales proposition is a stronger one.

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Differentiate your offering

Hardware portfolio

Becoming a VeryPC Approved Partner gives our resellers access to a complete UK supported configure to order PC portfolio. Offer customers a different option when tier 1 vendor models do not fit the specification or pricepoint required.

OEM/white label partners can create their own brand of supported hardware and protect margin with a unique product offering. Expand existing hardware portfolio and volume without increasing manufacturing overheads.


VeryPC branded products sold through our Approved Partner network come with our manufacturer's collect and return warranty as standard with on-site upgrade and 5 year extension options, all backed by a no nonsense UK technical support desk & service provision.

Deliver better value to your customers by adding VeryPC’s expert IT hardware skillsets to your team for after sales service.

Value add services

Take advantage of VeryPC's expertise in adding value to hardware with a suite of services that make your offering more unique and sellable.

  • Reseller and end-user co-branding
  • Vendor support, consultancy and end-user collaboration on hardware solutions
  • System imaging
  • Pre-assembly and install to desk of hardware

Interested in becoming a VeryPC Approved Partner?
Call 0114 321 8609 or email

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