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Out of the box

VeryPC supply a range of services to accompany our product portfolio. Our installation services are aimed at getting your products on site, up and running within your timescale and budget.

Let us reduce your workload and time with a fixed cost deployment solution.

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Stylised video wall, wall mounted big screen, projector and screen, mobile device trolley, desk full of monitors

AV installation

Getting those big screen displays mounted onto the wall and projectors fixed to the ceiling can be a tricky business. It’s important to be certain all fixings are safe and secure. We recommend you take advantage of the VeryPC installation service and let one of our trained professionals take care of it for you.

We can even arrange for the work to be done in the evening or at the weekend for minimal disruption to your operations.

The optional installation service for our AV portfolio includes:

  • Site survey
  • Project timescale estimate
  • Fitting and all mount solutions
  • Fixed cost (no hourly rates accumulating)

Server installation

In addition to providing customers with server hardware we provide installation and support services to help you configure, manage and deploy new or existing hardware.

We are on hand to help with our Microsoft certified engineers when and where you need us.

A wraparound delivery service

At VeryPC there is no such thing as a "fire and forget" order. We place your needs first and tailor the details of delivery and installation to your circumstances.

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We offer a range of delivery services with all hardware such as:

  • Delivery and installation to desk
  • De-installation and takeaway from desk
  • Secure data disposal
  • Disposal to WEEE compliance regulations
  • Packaging take back
  • Asset tracking
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